“Shikaku Square”, the Largest Qualification Exam Study Website in Japan

Providing Qualification Exam Studying Service Online and in the Real World
Shikaku Square has developed a service to effectively improve the skills needed for passing enrollees’ exams, by combining efficiency online with continuation in the real world, in the preparation for all types of difficult qualification exams, starting with the Certified Public Accountant exam (CPA). Since its inception in November 2013, the service has been steadily increasing the number of its enrollees.
Research and Development of an Original Study System to Optimize and Continue Learning
Shikaku Square, through research and development of the patented “Shikaku Square Cloud”, a cloud-based study system where enrollees can optimize their studying efficiency, as well as its original SQUARE Method that allows them to continue studying, pursues “efficiency” and “continuity”–the root of enrollees’ studying for all types of difficult qualification exams–to the utmost.

“Shikaku Square” Features

Instructors with Proven Track Records
Shikaku Square provides high-quality lectures based on familiar exam contents, by inviting practitioners who have steadfast track records at large qualification exam preparatory schools, or who possess various qualifications and are active in diversified practical work in the field, to join its faculty.
Overwhelmingly Inexpensive Pricing
Shikaku Square has realized overwhelmingly inexpensive lectures that are anywhere from one-third to one-eighth the cost of traditional preparation schools, by not only decreasing the necessary costs for education, but also cutting operational costs, such as classroom and office maintenance and advertising, as much as possible.
Streaming System for Optimizing Studying
Shikaku Square has realized the streamlining of enrollees’ studying through its patented “Shikaku Square Cloud”, a cloud-based study system that enables optimization of study efficiency based on three sets of data: data on people who passed the exams, neuroscience data, and student data.